We work with adults and children with attentional deficits that affect their academic and social lives. Our clients can do therapy either on medication or not, depending on the preference of the client. It is important to us that we work closely with your physician (or your child's pediatrician) regarding medication issues.

You can 'teach' your body to get past anxiety and depression, chronic pain, attentional deficits, migraine syndrome and other headaches.


The Biofeedback Clinic of Edmonds is a 'full service' biofeedback clinic. That means we do peripheral biofeedback modalities of temperature training and galvanic skin response training
(AAPB - aapb.org) heart rate variability training (HeartMath - heartmath.com) in addition to Neurofeedback (EEG Info - eeginfo.com). The aim of this expanded biofeedback training is to serve the clients' best interest of healing and self regulation.

All biofeedback modalities are ways for the body to learn to self regulate and get past troubling symptoms that hold us back from full health. You can 'teach' your body to get past anxiety and depression, chronic pain, attentional deficits, migraine syndrome and other headaches. It can have profound positive effects on autism spectrum disorders, PPD NOS, oppositional/defiant disorders, anger management, as well as traumatic brain injuries from accidents and strokes and seizure disorders. No claims are made for cures, but for improvements and reversals of many symptoms.

Homecoming for Veterans is a national outreach program to provide free Neurofeedback training for veterans for the rehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Pediatric Applications:

Biofeedback is well suited to children's disorders. We have, for example, worked with internationally adopted babies who often arrive at their new homes with many issues related to trauma, fetal alcohol issues, and attachment issues. In other words, a very stressed out baby or child who often doesn't sleep or eat well for up to months. Many of the children who come here have had these issues moderately to completely reversed.

Also among these success stories are numerous examples of children with ADD and ADHD children whose reading, math, focus, behavior, sleep, bed wetting issue improved. Several children who have undergone biofeedback therapy no longer have the ADD diagnosis.

Adult Applications:

Both children and adults experience attentional deficits. These disorders look different in adult behavior than children, but the underlying causes are the same dysregulation of 'brain wave' frequencies. ADD can be of the inattentive type or hyperactive. The symptoms can be lack of focus, sleep issues, anxiety/depression, distractibility and in some cases anger issues. Many times the ADD issues are secondary, but the presenting symptoms, of anxiety/depression, head injury, pain syndromes, sleep disorders.

Does the term 'vicious circle' come to mind? With biofeedback and Neurofeedback, the circle can be broken so that health and vitality can return.